Tommy Anglin

Very often, the most enduring impression a visitor gets of our congregation is established by the welcome he or she receives upon first arriving for worship. Ushers are ministers of hospitality and assistance and provide a wonderful service to each member of the church and to visitors.

Duties of the Greeter

1. Embracing newcomers – When you notice unknown guests, introduce yourself first, extend a welcome, and then ask for the visitors’ names.

2. Take an interest in people – We depend on our greeters to make Calvary Temple more personal, and to be the first to exhibit the love of Jesus Christ. A warm, loving and sincere greeting is the first stage in setting the atmosphere for worship, and a critical stage in exhibiting the family-like feeling that is so important to Christian fellowship.

3. Listen for deeper needs – People come to church both with every day needs (acceptance, day care, employment, friendships) and burdened with hurts, disappointments and personal crises. As you have opportunity, steer people to those in the church family to whom they can turn for help—the pastor, ministry leaders, housing counselors, church administrators etc.

4. Distribute materials – The role of a greeter has more to do with relationships than mechanical aspects like handing out flyers. At the same time, making sure people are informed is also important! Providing visitors with a welcome packet, weekly announcements and other materials that help them understand the culture at Calvary Temple helps people envision themselves as a part of our church and quickly shows them where they may be helped or be of some help.